Ben there Dan that

Hilarious graphic adventure in classic style


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Ben there Dan that is a graphic adventure game that combines subtle and elegant humor of old adventures and the rude and coarse humor we find in a lot of games nowadays.

In the game, Ben and Dan (the main characters) discover that their TV doesn't work and their favorite TV show is about to start. From that moment on, not only will Ben and Dan create a parablic antenna with a hanger, but they'll trigger a serie of events that include zombi children, mediocre superheros, chatty dinosaurs, alternative dimensions and even the lever of Gordon Freeman.

Each time you decide to do any action, no matter how crazy it is, the characters and the situation will react in a mad way, what makes this adventure to extremely hilarious and funny. eg: if you decide to 'look at the light switcher' you will not receive the tipycal message: 'this is a light interruptor' , but the characters will perform a monologue about interruptors.

Ben there Dan that is not a long game, but the script is amazing. All this makes Ben there Dan that an interesting game to play and have fun.
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